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Peter Nielsen: A Pro Drifter’s Nissan S15 Silvia Street Machine

There are two kinds of people, those who want driverless cars and those who love cars. Quite easy to confuse the two….NOT! You don’t have to be a car aficionado in order to relate to this, but if you are, it helps.

Today’s guest is a long time professional drifter and driving instructor, Peter Nielsen. Who is Peter? What does he do? What does he drive? Lots of questions, too little time because you are probably overspeeding the internet. That’s ok, only a true car enthusiast will spend a few minutes to get the answers, which are right here. Last summer, he almost broke the internet with the street version of his favorite series of Nissan chassis.

Peter ”Peden” Nielsen

Tell us about yourself, Peter.

My name is Peter Nielsen, commonly known in the auto industry as Peden & my race number is 249. I am Danish born with Irish roots and now live in Ireland.

Thanks for the intro, Peden. What’s the story behind the build of your car?

I race in the Pro class of the Irish Drift Championship (IDC) and in 2016 my teammates and I decided it would be a great idea to build a streetcar that would represent us and our loyal partners – The drift car has world class components, however only gets shown at 5 events per year outside testing and demos. So we chose a newer version of the 180sx, a Nissan S15 Silvia. The concept: an everyday usable street car with drift like looks and styling; however emphasis was truly on usability.

Interesting. When did you start the build and how long did it take?

March, 2016. We completed the entire build in 2 weeks. It was a lot of coordination, however, we just about got it done.

How did it feel to drive it for the first time?

It was amazing, the aero kit we chose is still quite rare and very rare for a street car. Most people have zero idea what the base model actually is, as I very often get asked.

How has it evolved since? Anything you are doing to it now?

We plan to make a few changes this year:

  • The wrap for a new design
  • Sequential shifter (more detail to come…..)
  • New wheels
  • New Corbeau Carbon Kevlar seats

Your favorite thing about your car?

Every aspect of it.. I love the overall look, the handling, the interior is immaculate and short of being able to get into multi-story car parks; it can go almost anywhere and gets driven everywhere!

Tell about the team helping you?

We had amazing partners who joined this project and more are coming on board this year:

Moose Design Seamus wrapped the s15 in an incredible 3D style very rarely seen and it came out amazing!

Stone Motorsport Tubbed the Rear arches and cut the front to make way for the huge aero kit and extreme lowering

East Coast Alloys Delivered the best standard wheel spacers known to man and boy were they needed for this build!

Martelius Exhaust Systems Markus from Martelius Exhausts sent us the most amazing Custom system complete with bespoke rear silencer which sounds AMAZING!

Retro Autos Fitted the Rocket Bunny v2 kit to the s15.

West Lake Tires Delivered 4 x Sport RS semi slick tyres (265/35/18 all around)

Corbeau Seats Corbeau sent us an amaxing pair of Club-Sport seats which are amazing, as well as LUKE road legal 4pt harnesses.

Mobil 1 Official franchise holders, Burke Lubricants in Ireland supplied the 10w60 motorsport grade oil and lubricants for the s15.

Elite Autos Supplied the HKS coilovers and steering arms.

Grip Royal Sent us a Peden249 custom etched steering wheel

Make sure you check out my website for all latest news and New 2017 project vehicle….

Photo Credits Blog Images: Sean’s Photos

Photo Credits Cover & Banner Images: Rhys Walters – Carlads

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