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Behind The Lens: Matthew Bease Beasy Media

Ever wondered what it’s like to be someone who captures reality through their perspective for the rest of the world? What makes these passionate individuals dedicate their lives to achieve mastery in camera work? To answer these questions, we will share the stories of three of the most inspiring people we have met in the recent years.

Ladies and gentlemen, in today’s exclusive we have Matthew Bease.

1. Thanks for joining us today, Matthew. Let’s start with a quick intro.

Hello, My name is Matthew Bease and I am a 25 year old living in Fife, just north of Edinburgh, Scotland, Located 10 minutes from Driftland. I am the photographer at Beasy Media, which specializes in drifting, but covers all forms of motorsports throughout Europe.

2. What is photography to you?

Photography to me is a way to express myself and more so capture memories with great friends.

3. The story behind your passion for motorsport photography.

I was always brought up with cars and motorbikes from a young age, always attending events at my local race track Knockhill with my dad and granddad. As I grew up, I got my own car and started attending car meets and events with friends. I then found out what drifting was through watching videos of Mad Mike online and I was hooked. I visited Driftland when it first opened with a friend who had a Nissan S14 and he asked if I could capture a few photos for him on track with his camera. I found out very fast that I had a keen eye for it and thoroughly enjoyed it, picking up my first DSLR camera shortly after. From there I just began to shoot at Driftland and went out and about with friends, slowly beginning to get donations from people who wanted some images from events and has now spiraled into a career that lets me see the world!

4. What are your three most memorable moments?

My most memorable moment in photography has to be when I was asked to work with the man who got me involved in drifting in the first place, which opened up all the opportunities that have come from it. I traveled straight down to Liverpool after the British Drift Championship at Driftland to shoot with Mad Mike in the streets of Liverpool to promote Red Bull Drift Shifters that he was holding a few months afterwards. Having the chance to work 1 on 1 with Mike himself was an incredible opportunity, but I also got to go for a ride along in his Mazda RX8, which was the first car I actually saw him drive all those years ago. It was a day to remember for sure!

Mad Mike Whiddett – Red Bull Drift Shifters Promotion

My first ever Drift event I covered with on-track access was none other than the main festival at Rudskogen in Norway, the Gatebil event. This was my first ever time on track as part of media taking photos instead of standing at the spectator area. This event is by far the biggest drift festival each year in Europe, which actually first boosted my Facebook page as Fredric Aasbo, Sultan Al-Qassimi, James Deane, Driftmonkey and Christian Christiensen all shared images of my work and tagged my drivers page.

Gatebil Rudskogen

My third most memorable memory is the most recent one, when I was asked to become the official Head of Media for the British Drift Championship under the new owner Matt Stevenson. it was totally unexpected and out of the blue. I knew that there was a new owner for the series, but as I was only finishing up my second full season shooting the BDC, I wouldn’t be in for a shout for the job as I was still a new photographer as such to the series. So, I was very humbled to be hand selected to become the Head of Media for the BDC and I am really looking forward to getting started and helping the BDC get bigger and better in 2019!

5. How is your 2019 shaping up?

My 2019 is already looking jam packed, of course. I will be doing all the official media for the British Drift Championship, including taking all applications for media, holding the media briefings and getting all the great content from each event. On top of that, I am covering both the National and Extreme Drift Games Series in Ireland, the full Drift Masters European Championship, and doing various other events over the year including a return to Gatebil and the Iron Drift King event in Germany. With my Season kicking off next weekend at the Drift Games Spring Bash at Mondello Park.

Alongside all the drift coverage, I am working closely with FastR and doing media for Luke in his Bentley GT car during the 2019 Time Attack championship. On a personal level, I will be creating my full website this year, which will include some cool merchandise to promote the brand, and working alongside companies doing some more commercial work at home.

6. What advice would you give to aspiring photographers?

The best advice I can give is to just grab your camera and go and shoot. Through shooting at tracks and events you meet other photographers who will always give you tips to help your photography develop. I learned a lot of the stuff I know from the likes of Dan Fegent, who is a fellow photographer based in Scotland who shoots for Monster Energy. Alongside that there is a very useful guide on the Speedhunters website for all budding car photographers that teaches you a lot you need to know, from the man Larry Chen himself!

In the moment – British Drift Championship

If you ever bump into me at any events and would like to discuss photography or ask for help, or even just to have a chat, don’t hesitate to say hello. It’s always awesome to meet new people in the motorsport community!

Thanks so much, Matthew. An absolute pleasure reading your story. Best of luck and enjoy every trip, every moment.
We would like to conclude today’s episode with this happy moment.

Cover Image Credit: ShutterPerfect Media

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