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Conqueror of Hills – Javier Gonzalez Orellana

  • Grumblo 

Javier Gonzalez Orellana Peugeot 106

1. Hola Javier. Congrats on being the conqueror of hills on Grumblo. How does it feel?

I am very proud that my video has liked so much. I am also very grateful because there were also other very good videos.

2. Your keys behind winning this contest?

The desire and nerves that I had to make it to this race this year has been rewarded with votes by all the close people, friends and family. I am very grateful.

Javier’s Most Voted Video from Subida al Cerro de los Cañones 2018

3. Do you have any upcoming races where we can see you in action again?

My intention is to race again at the (Hillclimb race) Subida a la Mota. I hope that luck is on my side and am able to enjoy the road again.

4. Tell us about the poeple who are always there to support you in your racing career.

Fortunately, I can speak very well about them, my family and friends. They have also made it possible to meet my goals, and the car is even more beautiful thanks to them hahaha. 🙂
I thank you for the support always.

Although they are not sponsors, they have always helped me… my friend and companion Manolo and my wife Nerea, who have endured every hour of repair and testing of the car.

Photo Credits: Cultura Racing

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