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DreamBig – Jake DriftSquid Jones’ Dream RBM3 Build

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Today’s blog is more than just an interview, it is a refresher course for all the passionate petroheads out there who #DreamBig. Some people want the ultimate job, some wish for the perfect soul mate and car enthusiasts want an ultimate, dream machine. Let’s be honest here, day-to-day living can bury our dreams. You must have perseverance and patience. Without these two characteristics, it is almost impossible to make your ultimate car build.

And now, without further ado, fan-favorite, international drifting sensation, and Aussie ace Jake DRIFTSQUID Jones.

An absolute pleasure to have you for the interview, Jake. How about a formal intro first?

Gday all, it’s Jake DRIFTSQUID Jones here, 27 years old from little old Barossa Valley, South Australia.

You have built one of the most advanced and extraordinary drift cars around the world, what is the story behind the build?

Basically, this car was a dream of mine for a long time. The first time I saw the E90 chassis with the Liberty Walk kit, I knew, I wanted to make it a drift car of mine. Soon after that Ueno (owner of Vertex Japan) created his 335i E92 Drift build with a 2JZ and blew the world away. However, it was only with his own body kit design and didn’t have the look I knew I could create.

Long story short, I got mine built in the quickest time frame I could have done. Meanwhile, a few people around the world made drift cars out of the E90 chassis but I believe, I am the first ever to have a genuine M3 with RB26 engine. Either way, it doesn’t matter, what does matter is the fact that I finished it and all on my own budget.

When did you start the build?

I started the build around mid 2015 but bought the chassis at the start of 2015 when I snapped 2 ligaments in my foot haha. That was a shit time for me. 8 weeks on the couch, not allowed to do anything.

Building your dream drift car is a long and tiring journey. Tell us what has been done and why, how long did the build take?

Well, this is my dream car and I wanted everything on the car to be the best it could be. Partnering with the right people was the first step. So the engine and tuning went to the experts in RBs within Australia (Powertune Australia). Chea and the boys took on a lot of fabrication work and everything really to make sure the car runs perfectly. Sure we havent got it 110% just yet but it is bloody close. The car will literally be able to take anything I give it, the next thing will be trying to find a tyre that will last long enough for me haha.

The first drive is always the most memorable, how did feel to drive the RBM3 for the first time?

It was pretty surreal, especially not having any idea how a BMW drives seeing I’ve never driven one in my life haha. So jumping in and crusing around the car park lot I hired was pretty crazy. The first time I gave it some of the loud pedal, it was a huge shock to the system. Almost like (What the f##k have I done?) It was awesome and even to this day it scares me everytime I drive it. I love it!

How has it evolved since? Anything you are doing to it now?

We are focusing on a few things but mainly just making sure everything is working as it should be. We opted for full MOTEC engine management, which means we have everything logged and we are always going over the data to see what the engine, gearbox and so on is doing. Its bloody interesting but so damn time consuming. Lucky I got the support from Chea at Powertune.

Your favorite thing about your car?

I’d have to say the engine, it’s the first actual RB26 engine I’ve ever owned and you’ll understand why i love it so much when you watch this VIDEO haha.

You must have a great team helping you, right?

I’ve got great support from Powertune Australia, Chea the owner has gone to great lengths to basically bring me into the Powertune family. It’s not a business partnership anymore, Its a friendship which has grown over the build of the car. Not many people would have been able to deal with this build and the lads at Powertune owe themselves a pat on the back for putting up with the time to build this car. Thanks so damn much, it means a lot.

I would also like to thank:

Any message for the fans and readers?

I’d just like to express the fact that if I’m able to build the dream car that I’ve always wanted then it’s possible for anyone out there. I’m forever getting asked how I get this all done but it’s seriously determination and passion mixed with some great friendships. Now I just need to be able to find the support to get the car to a competition overseas to show its true potential.
All enquiries please send to Jake@driftsquid.com

Thanks heaps, DriftSquid for taking the time out for this interview and always making a huge impact in the world of drifting.

Here’s an inspiring quote from Jake that came out when I asked him about his plans for European events and Formula Drift. We all need our daily dose of inspiration.

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