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Finnish Rally Ace: Taisko “Tade” Lario

Introducing the one and only: Taisko “Tade” Lario

Taisko Lario is competing in the WRC3 2018 series after winning the NEZ Rally Junior Champion in 2015 and we are proud to have him as a Verified Driver in our Grumblo Drivers Program!
He might be young, but Taisko is a talented driver who can conquer any course he chooses to and we are excited to introduce this Finnish rally ace in the making!

The future rally ace: Taisko “Tade” Lario

1. What was your favorite moment in the season 2018?

My favorite part of the season is Rally Monte-Carlo and especially the famous Col de Turini stage. We made fastest 2WD time by almost half a minute on first pass of the Turini stage (SS14) and were 18th overall. The legendary mountain road was fully covered in ice towards the end. It was a really nice challenge with a two-wheel-drive car, even though we had some moments. Also my first ever stage in Monte-Carlo was memorable – a 37 km stage in the dark. We finished 2nd out of 40 two-wheel-drive cars.

2. Who has been your inspiration in your racing career?

I don’t have one to mention, but I have a huge respect for all Finnish rally legends and F1 drivers and they have inspired me to pursue my dreams.

3. Do you have some lucky rituals before a race?

No, I don’t have. I believe there is importance how you prepare for the races, so I always try to be as prepared as possible and try to relax before the start. That’s all I can do.

4. Do you have a lucky charm you always have with you during a rally?


5. If you could be a car part, what part would you be and why?
A throttle pedal, that’s my favorite thing in the car.

Tade punishing the throttle pedal at the WRC Rally España 2018.

6. Who is your frenemy right now in the series?

In 2018 we had great battles in WRC 3 with my friend Jean-Baptiste Franceschi.

7. Tell us about your 2018 WRC Campaign. We have been following your action throughout the year but would like to hear your thoughts.

We started the season with high hopes to fight for the WRC 3 championship title. It was for sure going to be a hard target, because most of the seven rallies we did this year were new to me, as this was my first full season in WRC. What I am happy for, we were in pace for stage wins in every rally and finished every race. The consistency was the key to finish as Vice-Champions of the WRC 3. Some bad luck with punctures and a few mistakes in the beginning of the season cost us the title finally, but we must be happy about our performance. The experience from WRC events is very important and now after our first full season, the targets are higher for coming seasons.

We are proud to have Taisko on board our new Grumblo Drivers Program and we can’t wait to get our hands on more of his videos!
Now you know who Taisko “Tade” Lario is and I know you are just as excited as we are to see what he does next!
Thank you Taisko!

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