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Following His Passion & Living It – The Fanga Dan Story

The Fanga Dan Story

The motorsport of drifting is simply bold and beautiful. It’s insane, full of precision driving skills and mechanical power. Year after year, championship after championship, we see a lot of new faces make their mark on tracks all around the world. Then we have some names who have not only earned greatness but have also left a permanent impression on the existing and upcoming generations of drivers.

In today’s exclusive feature, we will be sharing the story of one such passionate professional who followed his passion and became one of the few ambassadors who have represented drifting, nationally and internationally. Following his passion & living it – The Fanga Dan Story.

The intro.

Hey guys, I’m Fanga Dan, I’m a former 2x D1NZ Drift Champion. I’ve been involved in the NZ Drift Scene since the very beginning.

Thanks for joining us today, Fanga Dan. Let’s begin with the story behind your passion and getting involved in the sports of drifting.

Many years ago, you would find myself and a good group of mates watching Japanese option DVDs (drifting dvds), we decided to start taking our cars to the track, we soon formed a team called “Driftcorp”. I’ve gained a lot of good friends through drifting over the years and I’m still good mates with all the OG Driftcorp drivers. it was definitely a big part of our lives that we will never forget.

Tell us the story behind your drift builds. What did you start with and where you are right now?

I won a championship in my Nissan S15 in 2006 and was looking for a new challenge, I came across the Holden VZ Commodore, it took years of development, blood, sweat and tears before it was a reliable and competitive weapon, that challenged me as a driver, I loved that about this car – it’s exactly what I was wanting out of a build. I didn’t want it to be easy, I wanted something that stood out from the rest of the field, it gained a lot of overseas recognition.

I was fortunate enough to compete in the VZ in Thailand twice, Singapore and Malaysia. I won the D1NZ National Drifting Championship in 2013, I also took out 3rd place in Formula Drift Singapore, 1st place Goodyear International Drift Series Malaysia. These are events I never dreamed of competing at, nor did I ever think I had a chance to podium! A massive Thank You to Richard Fleming for giving me the opportunity of a life time. It’s a career highlight I will never forget!!

Video from New Zealand D1NZ Round 4 @Hamptondowns 2017

My next build was the VE Commodore, which we used the development from the VZ and put it into the VE. We stayed with the reliable LS2 power plant built by Checkered Flag Automotive. I’ve learnt a lot from this car, whether it’s from building it or driving it, I’m always learning, I never get bored. This would be the reason why I still love drifting 14 years later.

Last year we changed the VE to a Wide body VF Commodore. Frankensignz and CL Auto came to the party with a new livery, the positive feedback we’ve received over the season is a huge credit to them! The VF is also sporting some new AUTOart VY wheels, these are wheels I’ve dreamed about owning for years and years. The day they arrived, I fitted them up to the VF Commodore straight away. This reminded me that dreams do come true, thanks to BG World Wheels!

What defines Sounds of Performance for you? How do you experience the sound as a part of your driving experience?

The sound of the car is one of the main ingredients for me. This represents your style. I love a good, aggressive, rumble. When I watch videos, I’m more interested in listening to how the car sounds going around the track, between gear changes etc.

Raw & pure soundcheck video from New Zealand D1NZ Round 5 2017. Sounds produced by XForce Performance Exhaust

So that’s where #MusicToMyEars comes from :).

Tell us about the team helping you.

Building a drift car would simply not be possible without a supportive team behind you. My team AT FDC Motorsport have supported my drift builds 110%. Thank you to their wives for putting up with all the late nights and weekends away.

My family- Nicole and Kade, they know the drill and help out any way they can, even if that means delivering my dinner into the workshop, Towing the car to and from events, picking up parts, race fuel etc, they have it covered!

Thank you for sharing your story, Mr. Fanga Dan.

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Photo Credits:
Danny Wood Photography NZ
James Southern – Oversteer TV

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