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FR Legends True Spirit of Drifting Culture.

The growth of mobile gaming in the recent years is no secret. Convenience, processing power, price and variety of games, all these have played a crucial part in this growth. Despite this encroachment into the gaming industry, the drifting community kept waiting for the perfect mobile game. This all changed last year when FR Legends was published and took the drifting world by storm. A mobile game that encompasses the real essence of Front Engine Rear Wheel Drive counter-steering experience – FR Legends, Spirit of Drifting Culture.

As of January 2019, Grumblo and FR Legends have initiated a partnership where the virtual and real world drifting meet across our platforms. It is our pleasure to introduce our new strategic partners in this week’s exclusive, the FR Legends team.

The Team & Story

An individual gives birth to an idea, it takes a team to make it a reality. Coming together is the first step, keeping and working together is what that leads to success. This is the case with the FR Legends team.

Meet Feng and Iiley, the team behind FR Legends. Indie game developers and car enthusiasts. The perfect coming together of talent and passion to create “the” drifting game we all have been waiting for.

Feng and Iiley shared the love for cars and had already been wanting to co-operate for a while. Feng is a true fanatic when it comes drift culture and an avid RC drifter as well. When in 2018 Feng threw out the idea and concept for a pure drift game, Iiley was immediately all in. All stars aligned perfectly.

Feng & Iiley

The first version of the game was launched on the iOS platform and took the drifting world and gamers by storm. While the Android version was still a work in progress, the first version exploded on to the mobile gaming scene with more than 3 million downloads during the first three months. With the Android version already online, the userbase continues to grow at a fast pace

The rapid growth of the mobile gaming industry is the best and most challenging thing about it. The challenge is to continue developing the game to keep it relevant in the community. The biggest strength of the FR Legends team is acknowledging this reality and constantly developing the game.

What are the next big plans? Upcoming features include Server Saves and Multiplayer game play. This will definitely take the experience to a whole new level. The FR Legends team also promises to continue introducing new cars, more circuits and new race modes. Check out the latest car added in the last update, Hertrech Eugene Jr’s Mazda FC3S aka Twerkstallion’s replica.

Twerkstallion’s replica

Our Take On The Game

FR Legends succeeds in what all of pop culture has failed to present when it comes to drifting, the personalized emphasis in car styling as well as driving style, and the necessity of practice to become perfect in the craft.

In FR Legends, you start from the basics, and unless you master the driving aspect, any power upgrades you do will only make it more difficult to succeed in the battles. Just as it would real life. A favorite aspect for true drift aficionados must be the full styling range with countless options from all the most iconic visual shapes available for each car model. Small details like zip tie fixing of crash damaged body panels adds to the authenticity of the experience. Add engine swaps and power upgrades, The player can truly have an unique build that represents his or her personality the best. Combine that with your own way of approaching the driving by utilizing throttle, hand brake and foot brakes either in left foot braking style or not, how you transfer the car with steering input and rythm. Two players can reach the same score with completely different styles of diving, again just like in real world. We salute Feng and Iiley for combining the depth of cultural understanding to the skills of transferring that ideology into a captivating and addictive game.

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