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From the garage to the podium – Paul McCarthy

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We are proud to present to you our Driving star of the week: Paul McCarthy.

First of all congrats on such an epic result at the DMEC final, Paul! Can you please shortly introduce yourself to our audience?

Thank you! My name is Paul McCarthy, driver of the turbo charged e36 m3 in the Irish Drift Championship.

Can you tell us if it is true that your car is home-built? We’ve had many questions about this and quite frankly we are curious ourselves as well.

That is absolutely true, I’ve always built my own cars. I’m a qualified engineer so I’ve no excuse really! The only thing that’s not done by myself is the mapping (tuning) of the car as that’s a bit out of my depth. For me that’s why I love the sport so much, I really enjoy the process of building the car myself and trying different setups always learning and constantly improving.

You had an excellent ending to the 2018 season, how would you describe the feeling you get when you get to stand on the podium of the biggest stage in European drifting?

That was definitely a special moment – one I won’t forget! I’ve had a couple of wins in the Irish championship over the years but the feeling of that podium in DMEC against the best in the business is up there. The atmosphere at the event is probably what makes it so special, it’s something I nor any most other drivers have ever experienced before. The support from the sidelines on that day was enough to give a stone goosebumps!

Check out Paul McCarthy at the Drift Masters Grand Prix Rd6 2018 and be amazed!

What do you think were some of the key factors in your success this season?

The extra power from the turbo has definitely helped me fight at the top end of the championship this year. Once we sort the little issues that followed us this year we will definitely be capable of fighting for a championship.

Photo credits: Beasy Media

Are you planning on making any major changes concerning your next season?

No major changes for next season, as I said above the plan will be to just make the car more reliable. At the end of the day reliability is key!
Also further develop some of the suspension components that I tried out this year.

Thank you, Paul!

Paul McCarthy is truly a self-made superstar! We can’t wait to see what he does next!

Paul at the Drift Masters GP

Photo credits: Beasy Media

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