Automotive Digital Marketing » Guy Graham-Bagrie & A Mazda RX-7 We Call ”The Dragon”

Guy Graham-Bagrie & A Mazda RX-7 We Call ”The Dragon”

A Mazda RX-7 We Call ”The Dragon”

We started off with a mission to conquer the world, one motorsport event at a time. During this journey we have come across wonderful drivers with amazing car builds. A very familiar and regularly featured driver from the Southern hemisphere is D1NZ competitor, Guy Graham-Bagrie. This week’s exclusive feature is GGB and his Mazda RX-7 drift build we call ”The Dragon”.

G’day GGB. Thank you for joining us. Let’s begin with a quick intro.

Hey, I’m Guy Graham-Bagrie (GGB) from New Zealand. I Drift a Mazda Rx7 and have just completed my first season of D1NZ Pro-sport finishing 8th out of 40+ drivers.

So what’s the story behind getting into the motorsport of drifting?

My FC was my daily driver for a while then a weekend warrior with the occasional track day. One of those was in the wet and I had more fun sliding around trying to control it. I was instantly hooked..

Tell us about your current RX-7 drift build.

I came back home from 2 years abroad to a rolling shell with the intentions of competing in D1NZ. New motor, gearbox and respray all in a month or so on a very limited budget.

Video: GGB & The Dragon at D1NZ R3, 2017

Can you tell us about the modifications you have made?

The main changes from before I left to now was a fresh strong motor with a full cut bridgeport to give it the nice loud and rough idle and the Tex racing 4 speed dog engagement box. After 4 Factory boxes stripping 3rd gear, it was overdue an upgrade.

How long did it take to build the car to where it is now?

It’s always ongoing, but I’ve owned it for over 10 years now and I’ll never get rid of it. The latest build was about a month though and was tuned only a day before I had to leave for the first round of the season. My first drive in 2 years was in the stadium surrounded by concrete walls.

Video: D1NZ R5, 2017

Quite a start to your competitive career. :)

What is your favorite feature in the build?

That it’s still rotary powered and that will never change

How would you define the Sounds of performance of ”The Dragon” ?

The sound of the Rotary will always be the most unique part of it, from the loud rough idle to the loud turbos they spool.

Tell us about the team helping you.

Josh team manager, has been with me from the start. Driving me to events or if he can’t make it giving me his vehicle to tow it with. Pushing for sponsors

Bond Earthworks,

Waimak Excavation,

RPC Construction.

Nick (Peanuts Paints) for bringing it back to a show vehicle before I wreck it again and mates for the late nights working away.

Video: Incar, onboard video from D1NZ R5, 2017

**Thoughts on your maiden D1NZ season? **

After not driving for so long and with a new setup I’m very happy with a top 10 season placing. Especially because I’ve never driven any of these tracks before with one of the lowest powered vehicles and a 4th at round 2 Manfield was a highlight for sure.

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Instagram: teamcfcd

Grumblo: Guy Graham-Bagrie

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