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Javi Graña and his Kawasaki ZX12-R powered hillclimbing Renault Alpine A110

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If you close your eyes and listen to the sounds from the video below that went viral in the Grumblo Soundcheck Series, you would be forgiven for thinking it’s the sound of something on two wheels. And in this case you would be correct and yet not for it’s the sound of Javicho ‘Javi’ Graña and what he refers to as his “Alpine Outeda” built by Paco Outeda & Outeda Racing.

Video: Javier Graña’s (Kawasaki ZX12-R 200hp) Renault Alpine A110 at SubidaEstrada.

And while still recognisable as an original Alpine A110 the widebody shape and sound indicate something else. And so intrigued by both the sounds and visuals we reached out to Javi to find out more about his hillclimbing Alpine A110 that has been competing in the Galicia Mountain Championship

Javi begins by telling us that he started out building with the team while not actually having much experience as a driver. Together with Paco they decided to carry out the project because of how suitable it would be for hillclimbing competitions and to also witness as Javi puts it “one of the most mythical and beautiful cars in a competition event even if it would not be a fully authentic Apine”. And once he began testing there was no turning back so in 2008 he began racing.

This custom Alpine is powered by a 1,200 cc Kawasaki ZX12-R motorcycle engine that generates 190 Hp at 11,000 rpm. There’s an electronic fuel injection system and like a motorcycle it utilises a chain to power the rear wheels. The chain is driving a customized limited-slip differential (LSD) from a car. And the LSD rear end has been lightened up to improve weight distribution.

The suspension setup features four motorcycle shock absorbers based on a push-rod system with custom made linkage and the steering is also custom made by the team. The brakes are high-performance disc brakes by Wilwood Engineering with a four piston setup in the front and two piston in the rear. The rims are 7.2×13-inch in the front and 9×13-inch in the rear. They use two types of aluminium rims, 13-inch BRAID Classic RC (manufactured in Spain near Barcelona) and also 13-inch Minilites.

Javi tells us that the car body is original Alpine A110 as is the colour, the original Renault blue. They cut the body into three parts to support making adjustments during races. Along with slightly increasing the fins to maintain the aesthetics.

The interior is a custom racing car setup. A tubular steel-chrome chassis manufactured by the team with the essentials to compete. They installed two seats to preserve the aesthetics of the car, since with a central position it might look a little bit ugly. In all this custom Alpine A110 weighs in at 530 kg giving a power-to-weight ratio of 3.04 kg / Hp.

Javi tells us that his most memorable experience with the car was during it first race appearance at the Subida a Chantada a mythical mountain climb in Galicia. Everything went perfectly and they achieved a very good result. And later when they had loaded up the car to return the spectators went down on their knees to pay tribute as it passed. A priceless moment for Javi, Paco and the whole team.

And as for the any future plans the team might have. The cooling system is based on a water circuit through an aluminium radiator which Javi says he would like to make more beautiful. And most importantly he would also like to increase the output of the engine by installing a more up-to-date 1000 cc supercharged Kawasaki H2R. Javi tells us one of the best things about participating in events is the fact that the Alpine is his own car and he has been delighted with achieving a fourth place finish. However as with many hobbyists it’s not always possible it compete in every event.

Javi would like to offer special thanks to his sponsor Montiño who have been with him all the way and a very special thanks to Paco Outeda who has continued to support him from the very beginning.

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