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Makers of the Sound: Frequency Intelligent Exhaust – Fi Exhaust

Makers of the Sound

Welcome to the new Makers of the Sound original blog series by Grumblo. We meet and interview individuals deep in the business of filling the world with Sounds of Performance. As the first installment, let us present Fi Exhaust team in Taiwan. Fi Exhaust has been active on Grumblo uploading a bunch of really cool car sound videos from the FI archives, please take a look at their Grumblo profile here: FiExhaust

1. Can you introduce yourself?

We are the Fi Exhaust team, team work is everything. We are keen on promoting our exhaust system to make every audience know more about us and enjoy our sound.

2. What is the history of FI Exhaust as a company? How have you grown the business?

Fi Exhaust was founded in 2012, full name is Frequency Intelligent Exhaust. Frequency Intelligent Exhaust systems perfectly combine many years of expertise and modern technology to create the world’s most advanced exhaust system for Premium Automobiles such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Porsche, AMG, BMW…etc. Fi Exhaust, the world’s leading designer and fabricator of the best, high performance engine component systems, for Italian / British / German / Japanese Supercar applications.

We always like to cooperate with famous tuning brands to broaden new vision in the world. In order to promote auto tuning information and culture, we never stop to design new stuff and always be creative. We think tuning is not just tuning but also culture and life style.

3. What is the biggest strength of FI Exhaust?

Fi professional team is proud of every exhaust manufacture from us, all products inject Fi unique design and high valve technology, intelligent controller, application controller, perfectly combine performance, speed and sound. From the beginning, FI Team focused on high quality exhaust systems, to fulfill exhaust system enthusiasts’ deep sound, high passion Formula 1 sound and performance.


The Fi design team individually designs each exhaust system based on car models and produces at least 3 sets of prototypes. After countless testing and evaluations, we try to find the golden formula that meets our stringent criteria for performance. FI Exhaust Systems have been proven to not only let owners enjoy the thrill of sports car-level high frequency sound, but also to improve engine output performance by 5-10% on average. The Fi team can create five different muffler internals for your selection, each with their own unique sounds and volumes. You even get to choose different sound profiles for the valve on/off modes. (Available on selected models)


Experience is our greatest asset. All of our products are designed by experienced researchers and produced by professional engineers with many years of technical background in manufacturing exhaust systems. From design to production, we take extra precautions to ensure every step meets our strict criteria for optimal quality and performance.

4. Grumblo is all about Sounds of Performance. How do you at FI Exhaust define the perfect sound?

Exhaust sound depends on the car enthusiast, some people is dying for F1 High-Pitch sound, some need Super Loud Sound in their lives, and some just love deep sound or Flaming sound. So, for different needs, Fi Team designs different versions to satisfy every group. To define the perfect sound, when you hear it, you feel excited, passionate, or the sound makes you want to realize the racing dream, that’s what Fi Exhaust want to do for you. Complete your racing dream.

5. What are the most exciting projects going on at FI Exhaust right now? What can we expect to hear from your company in the future?

From 2012 till now, we team up with famous auto aftermarket brands like Liberty Walk, PP Performance, Mansory, Forgiato, PriorDesign…,etc. What’s more, we attend SEMA ,ESSEN ,TOKYO AUTOSALON show and many Supercar rallies. This year, we will release new generation Valve Controller and mobile application. Not to mention the exhaust system for the latest cars, like (McLaren 675LT, BMW I8, AMG GT, Jaguar F Type..etc.) From 2017 to future, we hope everyone can hear Fi Exhaust Sound on the street everywhere. That’s our dream, our goal! We believe you will see us keep working hard with another tuning brand to create better tuning world and we always got passion on this!

6. Thank you for your time! Anything else you would like to mention to all the Grumblo users reading this?

Each of our staff in Fi Exhaust are so glad everyone like our exhaust, photos, and videos. Really appreciate that! We will keep working hard and improving to show you guys the best videos, let more people know our sound.

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