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Master of Mountains: Himar Marrero Morales, Toyota Yaris

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Master of Mountains on Grumblo: Himar Marrero Morales

1.Hi Himar. Congrats on being our first Master of Mountains. How does it feel?

Well, it has been quite a surprise. I did not imagine getting as many votes as there were great cars and I am not so well known.

2.You are well known on Grumblo for echoing hills in Canarias. Would you tell us your keys behind winning this competition?

Well the truth is that I do not know. I saw the competition and shared it between my friends and family. The result was quite good. Maybe the people like the colors of my car hahaha.

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3.Where can we see you in action next?

If everything goes well with the brake modifications, the objective is the Fataga Hillclimb on September 22. It is a very technical climb and I would like to prove that the car responds to my taste after the changes.

4.Can you tell us about the people and sponsors supporting you in your racing career?

Well, there are many who have put their grain of sand to be in this world.

Bodega La Montaña is the main sponsor and the car is labeled in its honor. It is a winery of San Mateo with some wonderful wines.

We also have Nu Closet Shop, a very nice clothing store. it is in Piletas (Las Palmas) and that also contributes a lot. In third place we have Autoservicio Udaco, a store of the Unide group that is located in La solana (San Mateo). There is also my family who help me a lot in achieving my dream (father, mother, wife, and relatives).

Fernando Castello also gave me the opportunity to be a co-driver, FP Racing, Arutransa, Publiislas … and some more that I left. I take this opportunity to thank everyone from my heart.

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