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Meet The Drifting Brick – Oliver Konardsson’s V8 Volvo 245 Wagon

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When you dream big and set out to make an impression, your journey towards success, through struggles, begins. It works in the same way for racecar drivers. It takes a lot of everything, time, finances, energy, you name it. That’s a price you pay for building and realizing a dream.

Today’s guest is a young and inspiring drift car driver from Sweden, Oliver Konradsson, and we will talk about his dream build Volvo 245. Oliver isn’t only passionate about drifting but brave too. Brave because he drifts a Volvo wagon. That’s something you don’t see every day.

Oliver Konradsson

Hi Oliver, tell us about yourself.

My name is Oliver Konradsson and I am 23 years old living in Falkenberg, Sweden with my partner Cecilia Bollesparr. I am working in the excavation industry and have a passion for tuned, rebuilt cars.

Tell us the story behind your build.

I always wanted to build a cool sleeper. Volvo has always been my favorite and it was the Volvo 240 that I am in love with. Why? Because it is a station wagon and back then it was quite unusual to see a real badass 245 sleeper. I never thought that I would be drifting one day. My actual plan was to become a street racecar driver. It was my first visit to a drifting competition as a spectator that changed my mind to become a drifter.

When did you start the build and what has been done?

I started the build in January 2014 after I bought the a body. I took down the entire car and realized that I have got a lot of rust repair to do. I changed the thresholds, doors and fenders. While I was doing the fenders, I took the opportunity to widen it by 60mm on each side. All unnecessary holes such as the ones for antenna, air intake and fuel cap were removed. I also fixed the entire trunk to give it a clean appearance. That’s why it looks so mint :).

I painted the car interior and exterior with Volvo Ocean Blue color. The engine is a BMW M60B40 V8 with a supercharger and intercooler, running ethanol fuel. Transmission is a 5 speed ZF gearbox. ECU is a Megasquirt 3V3X. We are running twin 3″ stainless exhaust systems. For better driveability, I upgraded the car with coilovers, improved steering angle and Volvo S80 T6 brakes. I have also installed a full cage in the car for best safety.

How long did the build take?

The car took about 2 years to build, but you know, there is always something that I want to change and improve.

How did it feel to drive it for the first time?

I still remember the first time I drove it, it was such an incredible feeling of relief. All the time and money that I had put in to it was clearly worth it. All the setbacks and frustration during the construction time disappeared immediately when I drove it for the first time.

How has it evolved since?

What will be different with the car in 2017 is different rear axle (Volvo 740 1031 with the new suspension), new front axle end with better steering angle, new wishbones, Volvo 740 spindles with new coilovers and new over fenders as wide as 70mm.

Your favorite thing about your Volvo 245 driftcar?

It has to be the engine. The engine sounds really badass!

Tell us about the team helping you.

I’m in a drifting team called Norängs Motorsport. My team is the main reason why I drift today. We help each other with everything. The build would not have happened without my sponsor Aldemek, my friends, and family. They all have helped me out with the build.

Photo Credits Header & Blog: Amelie Papparazzi

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