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Mr. Smiles Across Miles: Fredrik Persson Swedish Drift Championship

Introducing one of the OGs of Grumblo Drivers Program, Highlight Reel video production winner and an incredible driver: Fredrik Persson!
This guy is the ultimate combination of nice and competitive. At Grumblo we call him Mr. Smiles Across Miles, because quite frankly we’ve never seen him not smiling.
This man has a passion for drifting and it’s obvious. With his amazingly sunny personality, he makes the days at the track fun and is personally responsible for so many smiles
and laughs at our office as well.
Now, we get to know the man a little more, so keep reading and find out who this awesome dude really is.

Fredrik happy as ever as the new season prep begins in the garage.

1. What was your favorite moment during the 2018 season?

Hmm.. Hard question, would have to say the first test drive of The E46 at Hamre.
The car worked so well from the start! We were shocked and SDC round 2 was also pretty sick!

2. What are you looking forward to the most in the upcoming season?

It’s gonna be super exciting to see how we can stand up to the other PRO drivers!
We are confident with the car so now it’s up to the driver and the team.

3. How are you preparing for the 2019 season and how are your preparations going at the moment?

We have just started to take the car apart for inspection of the chassis and drivetrain.
And for the 2019 season, we will be running a rear in full plastic from Rebew design!
So we can run even closer to the Wall without getting thrown into the wall with the front end.

Fredrik Persson ripping it up at the Swedish Drift Championship R2 2018.

4. Who has been your inspiration in your drifting career?

Hmm, Chelsea Denofa has always been somebody I’ve been looking up to for a long time.
And of course James Deane, madly consistent driving.

5. Do you have some lucky rituals before a competition?

No, not that I know of, just fist bumps with my teammates and do our best! 😀

6. Do you have a lucky charm you always have with you during a competition?

No Lucky charm, maybe that’s why we didn’t make it to top 5 this year.

Fredrik with his family, but most importantly his (possibly) luckiest charm ever; their baby girl!

7. If you could be a car part, what part would you be?

Haha tricky question! I have to say a turbo, because who doesn’t like the sound of the turbo spooling? Right?

8. Who is your frenemy right now in the Swedish Drift Championship series?

Well they haven’t released the startline of the 2019 season. But last year I would have to say all of the guys of “Team Walltap”,
which includes Joakim Andersson, Andreas Staberg, Andreas Gustavsson, Eric Carlson, Dominik Schulze and I. Best friends in the pit, but on the track it’s game on!

Well there we have it. Fredrik Persson, his passion for drifting and plans for 2019 Swedish Drift Championship.
We are hoping that Fredrik’s little bundle of joy will be his lucky charm and bring him to the top five this season!
He is definitely one to follow and we are all rooting for him and can’t wait to see what this brilliant driver does next!
If you are as excited as we are, follow his profile. All new video content will be published on Fredrik’s verified profile.

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