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Rising Star of Drifting: Dylan Garvey

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Introducing the rising star of drifting: Dylan Garvey

Are you ready to meet Dylan Garvey, the guy who is climbing to the top faster than you can say drifting?
Dylan Garvey is truly a nice guy, just like his brother David, who nominated Dylan for this feature.
Dylan is a promising new star of drifting and we are proud to introduce him as a new addition of our Drivers Program!
So, without further ado, let’s meet the little brother of the Garvey drifting family!

1. What was your favorite moment in the 2018 season?

My favorite moment in 2018 was when I battled my brother at Rd1 of IDC, this was my very first battle in my new car and what a way to give it its first taste of twin battling!

Here are the brothers battling on the track for glory.

Photo credits: Beasy Media

2. Who has been your inspiration in your drifting career?

My inspiration is James Deane, because of the way he drives and how calm he is behind the steering wheel!

3. Do you have some lucky rituals before a competition?

No, not really. Just go out and hope for the best and have fun!

Photo credits: Drift Addicts

4. Do you have a lucky charm you always have with you during a competition?

Yes, always have to wear odd socks on a competition day! Don’t know why but I do.

5. If you could be a car part, what part would you be?

I would be a car tyre, because I’m either on fire (having a good day) or cold (having a bad day) 😀

Here we can see Dylan clearly having a good day and rocking the track against Ryan Caldwell!

Photo credits: Drift Industries

6. According to David you two have competed against one another twice now and the score is even 1-1. How are you planning on beating him?

You will have to wait and see!
Can’t give away my ideas I’m planning on when I meet him again!

7. Who is your frenemy right now in the IDC series?

My frenemy is Jack Shiel, me and Jack are always talking about when we come up against each other, but it hasn’t happened yet in IDC. I hope it does so I can shut him up. 😀

Well, now you know Dylan like we know him; as the guy who just loves drifting and is giving it his all on the track every chance he gets!
We are very proud to have him in our own little Verified Drivers family alongside of his brother, David.
For our next feature Dylan has nominated his buddy Jack Shiel.

Thank you Dylan!

Photo credits: MDB Images

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