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Ruben Bolaños – Making Of A 2JZ Powered BMW E46

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Hi Ruben, thanks for the interview. Would you introduce yourself to our audience?

Hi, my name is Ruben Bolaños. I am 26 years old and I live in a town nearby Barcelona. I actually work as a chef in our family restaurant, which gives me the benefit of having a lot of time for my project. My family has always been involved in the motoring world. On top of all this, I spend some of my time building drift cars.

How did you get interested in drifting? When did you start drifting yourself?

Since I was little, as I was surrounded by cars, I liked to try and slide around with anything that has wheels. When I was 10 my parents already let me drive their car on the snow in Andorra. I did not know that it was called drifting. I have always had this passion that I also share with my brother. And after doing a lot of rounds in private tracks we decided to start running the Open Slalom Drift in 2015, as we saw that the sport was growing and developing. We made two BMW E36 M3’s for us to enter the Amateur category, in which I became 4th in my first season.

Video from Open Slalom Drift R1 2017

Tell us the story of your current BMW.

After we finished 4th in the Amateurs with the car I used also for the daily street driving, we decided to do what we have always liked, to invent and design… I got an empty E46 chassis with 6 months until the beginning of the next season in the Pro category. We ordered the engine from Japan, a Supra 2JZ-GTE motor. It only arrived 1.5 months before the first event. We had already been working on the chassis, so we would only have to build the engine after it arrived. In the first round the car did not work as we wanted, but at least it worked. Today we are still building the car, as these cars need a lot of precision and there is always something left to improve. We have done a bit of everything to the car and the only BMW part left is the rear subframe, which also is modified. The engine is currently standard with PugSparked electronics, when we can we will upgrade the power of the engine still.

We always ask how it felt like to drive the car for the first time. Do you remember those feelings?

The first time I drove the car was in our industrial area and it was an incredible sensation and a dream come true. The car started working as it should after a few adjustments.

Where have you got inspiration to build your car as it is today?

Since I was very little I was I was already inventing and designing cars. I wanted to create something that would give me all the sensations I wanted from driving a car.

Video from King of Europe Drift Pro Series R2 Valencia 2017

What is your favorite part of the car?

To drive and feel it, is what I most like about the car. To drive something we built bolt by bolt, and we are always looking for more precision in the car’s part.

Would you like to say thank you to someone?

I want to thank all the people who have been behind my project and supporting me. I have an amazing team with my sponsors and friends.

Thank you for taking the time out for this interview, Ruben. Looking forward to all the exciting events you will be a part of this year.

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