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David Garvey: Seriously A Funny Guy and A Serious Competitor

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Seriously a Funny Guy and a Serious Competitor: David Garvey

This is David Garvey, a friendly face and truly a nice guy! He is a good friend of Grumblo’s and everyone in the need of friendly banter between competitions and battles. We asked David the burning questions that everyone wants the answers to! Read and get to know David with us!

1. What was your favorite moment in the season 2018?

My favorite moment was battling my not so little brother at IDC rd1 Mondello. It was a close battle and we both pushed so hard but I got the win.

2. Do you have some rituals before a competition?

When I am at the start line I put on my race helmet and take it off and put it back on again and I am then in the zone lol. it’s kind of an ocd thing.

Photo credits: MDB Images

3. Do you have a lucky charm you always have with you during a competition?

I always have my bottle of juice on my passenger seat and if I didn’t have that I’d die lol.

4. If you could be a car part, what part would you be, and why?

I would have to say a turbo because I love the sound off of it!

5. How does it feel to compete against your own brother, Dylan Garvey? Does it feel like you are kids again?

It’s brilliant to compete against my younger brother. It’s 1:1 at the moment. I beat him at rd1 and Dylan beat me at rd5 and the slagging we give each other about who has the better car and who’s the better driver but it’s all harmless fun but ( I’m the better driver tho XD)

Dylan and David challenging each other on the track!

Photo credits: Beasy Media

6. Who is your frenemy right now in the IDC series?

Neil Dunne is defo my frenemy as he has beaten me twice this season in close battles and I’m dying for another crack at him but off the track we are great friends and Neil has come to the rescue lots of times for me and my brother when we broke diffs and shafts. Neil gave us his spares to get us back out on the track.

David Garvey takes enemies and turns them into frenemies.

If you ever see David on the side of the track, yank his sleeve and have a chat! We at Grumblo are keeping a close eye on him and we can’t wait to see where he goes next!

For our next interview, David has nominated his brother, Dylan!
Stay tuned!

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