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Shredder of King of Europe Greinbech: Markus Denk

1st People’s Champion of Austria: Markus Denk

1. Hi Markus. How does it feel to be the 1st people’s champion of Shredders of King Of Europe Greinbech with most votes?

It feels great to see how the people like my car and my driving style. Especially if you look at the competitors like Marco Zakouril or Rick van Gothem who are two of the main guys of King of Europe Pro Series. So it is a honour to win this contest.

2. What do you think were the keys to your victory in this competition?

I have a strong team behind me who support me in every step of doing what I love. So they recruited everyone to vote for me. I think the community around the GDrift-Performance team is big enough to achieve every goal in drifting.

3. When can we see you compete next time? What are the next events people can see you live?

We will start the hot autumn on 31.8.-1.9. in the Motorsportpark Oschersleben during King of Europe Round 6. Then there are some days for upgrades for the King of Europe Pro2 Finals on 29.9.-30.9. in the PS Racing Center Greinbach.

And then we will close the competitive season in the Raceland Krško for the Nightshift (floodlight event) on the 6th of October.

4. Tell us about the people and sponsors who made this (racing career) possible.

First of all I want to thank my family and my girlfriend. They are the basis of my racing. With my brother it is a bit competitive but also a supporting and pushing relationship.

Conrad, is the perfect partner for electronic gear and tools. There were many situations where we were happy to have the variety of tools to fix our cars.

KFZ Grünauer is the main man behind the turbocharged powerhouse in the front of my car. His perfectionism is the key that I never had any issue with the engine.

Pichler‘s Donauhof is the first choice for some recreational days in the off-season.

With all these sponsors, we have a nice team where everyone wants to go one step further and win the races.

Thank you for joining us today, Markus. We look forward to your action at King of Europe, Greinbech at the end of this month. Best of luck.

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