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The OG of the GDP – The First Silver Level Driver

  • EevaV 

The Grumblo Drivers Program is developing and the only reason for that is our awesome Verified Drivers!
Now, as the program is evolving and the drivers are working hard, we want to take a moment to congratulate one of OGs of the program
and the first driver to reach Silver Level.
His efforts and commitment to the Drivers Program is an inspiration to all of us.
His passion for drifting is endless and it shows because he does everything with so much heart.
We are truly happy to have him on-board the Grumblo Drivers Program!

We are delighted to announce GDP’s first Silver Level driver, David Garvey.

I am delighted to be the first person to reach the Silver Level and I’m gonna try my best to be the first person to reach the Gold Level!

David has been in the Grumblo Drivers Program since the beginning and he is one the nicest and funniest people we have had the honor of meeting.
David has been working real hard for this and we appreciate everything he does.

We support him as we support all our Verified Drivers, but the support David gets from everyone at home has proven to be extremely important.
His family, friends and fans have shown him some serious love and have played an important part in his success in this program and in his racing career.
What can we say, family really is everything, right?

In addition to the support David has received from his family, he has been uploading videos with a steady pace.
He has also been very active on social media by sharing his video content for everyone to see!
Basically, David has taken the program and made it his own.
Like we mentioned earlier, he is an inspiration to all of us and he pushes us to try harder too!

Thanks so much again for giving me this opportunity to be apart of the Grumblo Drivers Program.

We appreciate all the hard work David puts into the program and he has set the bar very high for everyone involved with the program!
Keep up the good work, keep on being awesome and keep challenging yourself and all the other Verified Drivers.

Photo credits to MDB Images

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