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The winners of the Top 3 Grumblo Highlight Reel video production!

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We want to kick off 2019 by releasing the names of the first Highlight Reel video production prize winners.
The three winners who made it to the top after an intense collection of points are real champions and we think they are on their way to greatness!

We are thrilled to work with the winners and we can’t wait to see what this production will look like once finished!
The three drivers who fought their way to the top are all from different countries and from two different motorsport genres. Rally and Drifting.

Say hello to the winners of the Highlight Reel video production prize!

  1. David Garvey, Ireland
  2. Taisko Lario, Finland
  3. Fredrik Persson, Sweden

The awesome winners: Fredrik Persson, David Garvey and Taisko Lario

Congratulations you guys, you did well!!

Once the production is finished, they will be showcased on our site and on our social medias! Sounds good, right? This is the first batch of winners, all existing members of the Drivers Program will continue getting opportunities to win exclusive productions like this. Your current points are hard earned and will remain. So make sure that you continue collecting more points.

If you aren’t a part of the Grumblo Drivers Program yet, join now and start collecting points. Let’s make your mark in the books of motorsport history together!

Grumblo Drivers Program team

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