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Tim Fredriksson – Building & Living A 1000 whp BMW E36 M10 ”Sideways Lifestyle”

The 1000 whp Drifting Lifestyle

From the taboo of illegal street racing to a recognized motorsport, drifting has come a long way in a very short time. This was made possible by the enthusiasts around the world who continue to innovate the art of countsteering. We met one such enthusiast last week who lives and breathes a ”Sideways life” – Tim Fredriksson

Tell us about yourself Tim, a quick intro on who you are and what you do?

I’m a 23-year old petrolhead from Sweden who loves everything motoring, especially drifting which I’m also competing in here in Sweden. I love building cars as much as driving them and drifting really lets you express your own style in both the building part as well as the driving.

Drifting is a unique and beautiful motorsport, what got you into it?

I don’t really remember when I first came in contact with drifting but as a kid I always played tv-games where I was able to drift in and i was watching a lot of videos on Youtube. But i do remember the first time when I saw drifting live in-person for the first time. It was an ordinary Wednesday when my father and a friend decided to go watch a drifting/track-day event on one of Sweden’s biggest tracks called the Mantorp Park. I remember we walked up to the track and I immediately saw a grey BMW E34 turbo just slaying the rear tires throughout the course and I remember that I thought to myself

“Oh shit that was cool, can you really do that with a car? I want to do this!”

I was only 17-years old then so I didn’t have any driving license but that day I decided that i wanted to build a drift car.

Interesting story. This brings us to your drift build. Tell us about your current build and any previous ones.

My current drift build is a BMW E36 coupe that I’ve had for almost 3 years now, the car has been rebuilt 3 times during that time. Before that I had an old BMW E30 with a 2.1L M10 4 cylinder turbo engine but that engine blew up on my first trackday so that wasn’t a long story. I never really got the time to drift the E30 as the engine decided to kill itself.

Video: Flat out 4th gear @ Mantorp park in Sweden

What has been done to your drift car and why?

My BMW E36 has been highly modified with a 3.4L fully built stroker Toyota 2JZ engine, RTS built Gforce GSR dogbox transmission, HGK racing bodykit, MaxxEcu engine management, Speeding.nu E85 proven fuel system and a special built borg warner efr9180 turbo and a lot of other special parts and bits.

We stopped the car at 995whp on the dyno, beyond satisfied with the results and with knowledge that it’s capable of more. The thing we were most satisfied about was the good powerband despite pushing that big amount of horsepower. Maybe one day we’ll see what it’s capable of maxing out the turbo just for fun. But for now, I’ve been running the car on low boost (820whp) which does the job without a problem! I guess the car is “overbuilt” in some ways but I like to do things in a certain way. The longest rebuild of the car took me around 7-8 months, which included a total rebuild of everything.

Video: Bimmers Of Sweden 2017

How did it feel to drive it for the first time and what is your favorite thing about the car?

The very first time for the E36 was an amazing feeling, it was the first time I drove a car with this amount of horsepower (500whp at the time with a stock 2jz with a singleturbo) and this was also the first time I drifted on dry tarmac, so there were a lot of new impressions and feelings that day. I got addicted to it for sure. The first time I drove it with the new engine was almost as exciting as the first time ever, the car was totally different and the power was just crazy!

Video: Testing all gears on an airstrip in Sweden

The best thing about the car has to be the crazy 2jz engine!

We take performance sounds seriously, it is our core. How do you define Sounds of Performance?

One of the best things about cars is the sound for sure! I love all kinds of engine platforms and the sounds they make but the screaming straight sixes takes my top spot ūüėČ

Without a team, it is almost impossible to do what you do. Can you tell us about the team helping you?

My team for 2017 consist of:

My father Urban Fredriksson who is always there and helps me out on everything from building the car to being my spotter, I can’t thank him enough for his support!

My sister who is always there shooting photos and videos.

Ante and Nicke who are my mechanics out on competitions.

My mother who makes sure everyone gets food and coffee to make it through a race weekend.

I also want to thank my sponsors who make all this possible:

You can follow me on:

Facebook: Tim Fredriksson Drifting

Instagram: @TimFredrikssonDrifting

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