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Turbo Kevin Brunberg – From a street Volvo 745 to a pro drift machine.

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We call him #TurboKevin, you may recognize him as Kevin Brunberg Andersson. Yes, he is the guy with that crazy blue Volvo 745 turbo brick competing at the highest level of Swedish Drift.

Great to have you today, TurboKevin. Let’s have a quick intro before we crank things up.

My name is Kevin Brunberg, I’m 26 years old and come from Boxholm – Köping, Sweden.

How has the 2019 Season been for you so far?

We are half way through the season and up until now it’s been very tough for us with lots of problems with the car, mainly with two total engine breakdowns. But apart from that, we are still fighting and currently in 7th place in the Swedish Drift Championship series, only 22 points away from the podium.

Video: Turbo Kevin, Swedish Drift Championship R2, 2019

That sounds rough, but you are not letting it stop you. What really inspired you to get involved in drifting in the first place?

I first experienced drifting when I was about 15 or 16 years old. I visited Gatebil at Mantorp Park in Sweden and at first I thought it looked really cool. So in 2015 I started to build my first drift car.

What is the story behind your Volvo 745 Turbo Brick competition build?

I bought the car in 2014 on a buy and sell site, just to have as a street car. Why I selected a Volvo 745 was simply because the car looked fresh and not too expensive. To begin, I was only going to use the car as a street car, but after a while and a small engine breakdown, I decided to build a drift car. Since then, I have been stuck in drifting and with this car. It was definitely not the intention initially.

In 2017, I participated in an event with 25 other drivers, 5 of them were competing in the Swedish Drift Championship. I managed to get second place in this competition. This was the main reason why I decided to invest both in the car and in drifting.

Video: Best of 2018 season.

If you could be a car part, what part would you be and why?

A motor that doesn’t break down, simply because I am so tired of total engine failure.

Fair enough. Last but not least, who is your frenemy on the track?

We are all part of one big drifting family, but if I have to choose someone then of course it would be my team mate Richard Loord. He is my biggest frenemy.

Thank you so much for doing this episode with us today, TurboKevin. Hopefully, the rest of the season will go smooth for you and your team. Best of luck and catch you on the tack soon.

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