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V-Log Exclusive: Francisco Jimenez & His Mitsubishi Evo X

Francisco Jimenez & His Mitsubishi Evo X

In today’s exclusive, Francisco Jimenez makes a return to Trassierras and this time with a 320 Hp Evo X. English transcript below.

Introduce yourself: My name is Francisco Jimenez. I’m from Rute, in Cordoba. I came here with a Mitsubishi Evo X, which I’ve been racing the Spanish Hill Climb Championship with, where we won our category group N. We came here to see what we can get, hoping to be as high as possible.

I ran here for first time in 1989, the year I started racing. After many years, I’m back at Trassierras HillClimb.

Any modifications done to your car? The car is a Mitsubishi Evo X, FIA group N, meaning it complies with the FIA requirements, but with some modifications: a new gearbox, active differentials. We are at about 320 horsepower.

Car performance this years gave us plenty of satisfaction. We managed to complete every race. And although there were bigger group N cars (WRC cars and so on), it’s a competitive car and gave us great feelings.

Can you describe the sound of the car. How do you feel it? About engine sound,… Cracking, as I like to say!

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