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V-Log Exclusive: José Luis Sequera Izquierdo’s DemonCar CircuitCopa

V-log exclusive In this week’s special we have José Luis Izquierdo talking to us about DemonCar CircuitCopa. Making the hills in Spain echo with performance. Complete interview and transcript below.

Introduce yourself and your car: I’m Jose Luis Sequera, and the car I’m driving is a Demon Car. It’s a single-seater, with tubular chassis and a Suzuki motorbike engine. It’s quite light at 470 kilos, and around 180 horsepower.

Tell us about the modifications done to your car: It has plenty of modifications: suspension system, a new electronics for mountain, engine completely renewed, and for every single race you must try to adjust the car for this kind of tracks, so different to what I was doing before, when I run in circuits.

It’s performance and handling are so good, so fast. It helps you to correct mistakes because it has no inertia nor much weight. It gives me a great feeling to drive!

Describe the sound of the car, and what you love about it the most: The sound is great because the engine is right behind your back, same feeling as if you were in a Ferrari, a spectacular sound! You have a beast pushing you to change one gear, and another, and another! Come on up there!!!

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