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V-Log Exclusive: Manuel Maldonado’s Porsche 997 GT3 Rally

V-Log Subida Marmol 2017: Hill climb veteran and master tire smoker Manuel Maldonado digs deep into the details of his Porsche 997. Hit the play button to watch the complete episode (in Spanish). Transcript below.

Introduce yourself and your car: I’m Manuel Maldonado, from the Automovil Club Almeria. We have been competing in the Spanish Championship for the last years, since 2006. This year we are competing in some events of the Andalucia Championship and some in the Spanish Championship. We are here with the Porsche 997 GT3, within the GT Category.

Tell us about the modifications done to your car: It comes from the 997 GT3 Cup Championship in Italy. We had to adapt it to this particular race in Macael because of the slippery road. This race is quite different in that sense to others. It’s modifications are mainly towards rallies: final gear ratio, gearbox, suspension, cooling system, LSD. Just adapting the car for rallies and hill climbs. Besides that, the main modifications are for this slippery road. It’s engine is the same as it came from the Italy Cup: 3600 cc, 430-440 horsepower.

This car is different to others I’ve driven with front wheel drive, or even 4 wheel drive World Rally Car, but this one is a rear wheel drive, so the driving is different, you have to play with weight transfer. It’s so powerful that you must be careful with the in and out of curves to avoid sliding. It’s engine is quite at the back so is easy to spin around, you need a particular way of driving.

Describe the sound of the car, and what you love about it the most: The sound is beautiful. It’s curious that in spite of having the engine and exhaust at the back, the sound comes primarily from the front. If you are in front of it you can hear a nice pitch. It’s such a beautiful sound!

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