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V-log: Miguel Angel Clemente’s true race car sounds

V-Log Subida Marmol 2017: Listen to Miguel Angel Clemente talk about his super rare S2000 rally car he takes to hill climbs and rallies in Spain. Hit the play button to watch the complete episode (in Spanish). Transcript below.

Introduce yourself and your car:
I’m Miguel Angel Clemente. I’ve been racing for the last 18 years. The car I compete with is this one you can see here, a Fiat Abarth Grande Punto S2000. It’s a limited production model with just 33 cars, certified by Abarth. There are only 33 of these cars worldwide.

Tell us about the modifications done to your car:
It’s a magnificent car: 4-wheel drive, Super 2000, with 272 horsepower. A true car for competition. I don’t think there are many cars like this one just fresh out of factory. Last year was my first year competing with this car, running Spanish Rally Championship in S2000 category. It went well, we became Spanish Champions. Our first year together and we were Champions!

You never stop evolving the car, trying experiments to get 100% out of it. It started around 250 horsepower, now we are at about 272 and we will develop until 285-290 horsepower, that it’s were it should be. We have improved the suspension, with special adjustments for Hill Climb. In the mountains we are fighting against 400-450 horsepower cars, so we’re 200 down, but for rallies, we should be on top. If this race weren’t uphill but downhill instead, I’m 100% sure we would win!

Describe the sound of the car, and what you love about it the most:
The engine sound you’ll listen to today, it’s that of a true competition, race car. A beast roaring! We are here to try our best, make people enjoy and to have a great fun together!

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