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V-Log Toro Rosso’s Honda-powered STR13 Formula 1 Reveal

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V-Log Toro Rosso Honda-powered STR13 Formula 1 2018:

Watch the official launch by clicking the play button below.



It was really amazing to be back in the car – the winter break is always really long without any driving you miss the adrenaline. But the team has done a mega job so far and I’m really looking forward to seeing how we are compared to the others.
I would say we have made a big improvement with the steering compared to last year – and then a formula 1 car is always something amazing. When you see it with all the pieces together and fully made i t’s always a piece of art – it’s always fantastic to see it.


It was so nice to finally see it all come together. I’ve been at the factory a couple of times in the last weeks and I saw images and bits of the car lying around the factory, but finally to see it all together today and take it out on the track for the first time with the new Honda engine, yeah it was a nice feeling. As a driver you understand how much work and effort goes in over the last months to get this car on track.

It’s a huge team of people – I think there’s more than 400 people at Toro Rosso that work all year around to get these two racecars on track.
It’s a special feeling putting on the drivers overalls, the helmet and being the last piece of the puzzle.

As a driver, the first thing that you worry about and you want to get right is the seats. We did a seat in a mock-up car last year which is basically a mould of my body, and then they turn that into a carbon fibre insert. Actually it’s the first time that I’ve had a carbon fibre seat, so that’s one of the things that I wanted to tick off the list today, to get comfortable in the car and it’s one of those things. You can sit in the factory all day long putting bits of padding here and there but until you actually drive it at three-hundred-and-fifty kilometers an hour, you don’t really know.

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