Automotive Digital Marketing » Volvo Rat Rod: Bonnvischan Racing’s Party Machine, The Volvo Rat Rod

Volvo Rat Rod: Bonnvischan Racing’s Party Machine, The Volvo Rat Rod

Volvo Rat Rod: Bonnvischan

Over the course of past few months we have come across thousands of cars at numerous events around the world, but there is one particular vehicle that has a special place of its own on Grumblo. The video of this car not only has the most number of views but has been shared countless times as well. The build is so unique that it took us a while before we could suggest a name for it. It has a bit and the best of everything, which you will find in this interview with the makers of this custom Ratrod.

Hi, Max. What is the story behind this unique build?

Two of our team members in Bonnvischan Racing, Fredrik Kåll and Robert Johansson had earlier spotted the corpse of an old Volvo in the woods near where Robert lived. The Volvo LV78 belonged to Sören who is both Robert and Fredrik’s girlfriends’ father. He gave his permission to do something fun with it.

When did you start the build?

Every year during the 32nd week, there is a happening in Älvdalen called Music and Motor-Week. During one year, all of us from Bonnvischan had vacation that week and we decided to do something different and fun. So we decided to try to start an old bucket wheels that Sören left in the same woods standing untouched fore 34-40 years. After almost a full day, we got it running. Whatever we did that day,.we broadcasted it live on Facebook.

Video from Gatebil MantorpPark Finale 2016

What has been done and why, how long did the build take?

The day after we started working on the Volvo, our plan was to get it ready for the Veteran Cruise 24 hours later. So, still on Facebook live we started rebuilding the Volvo. We cut the frame and dropped the front axle. Used a lathe to take the centrum from the original 20″ rim and fitted it in a 15″ Mercedes steel rim. Mounted a OM 603 Mercedes Diesel engine with automatic transmission that Robert had laying around in his workshop. Fitted a Chevy van rear axle. Almost nothing was left untouched.

How did it feel to drive it for the first time?

The very first time we started it, me and Rasmus tried a burnout in the workshop. Worked perfectly! We took it out for a test drive and it was absolutely awful. No comfort at all. There is no suspension, wood bench for seating, unbelievably hard to steer. But most importantly, so much fun!

How has it evolved since?

We have taken it with us to drift events to get around the race track. We are on our way to send the diesel pump to Göran, Dieselmeken AB to rebuild it. Maybe add some compressor and a sound system.

Your favorite thing about your Ratrod?

It sounds great with its straight pipes, and it draws a ton of attention.

Tell us about the team helping you?

The people involved are the same people we have in Bonnvischan Drift Tram.

We call it a party machine here at Grumblo, you and your gang of friends are quite popular (especially at Gatebil).

It’s a really fun vehicle to cruise around the track with. It fits a lot of people. So when the race day is over I drive the team and friends around the track.

Any additional story you would like to share with us?

We went from 3k followers on Facebook to 11k in under a week. People loved the live streams and watched hour after hour of the team working on the bucket wheels and the Volvo.

It’s very popular among the fans and I have a blast driving it!

Photo Credits: UIF W Photography, Gatebil – Cammila

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