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Influencer Marketing Services

Trust Building

When you need to build trust, a carefully chosen influencer or micro-influencer can be a cost-effective and powerful approach. We are the pioneers in car-enthusiast and motorsport influencer marketing. Let us help you build an influencer strategy that fits your business goals and budget.

1. We find and recruit the right influencer for you, including all contracts and paperwork between you and the influencer 

2. We script the perfect advertisement video for you with each recruited influencer 

3. Our global video production resources film the advertisement in great quality but cost-effectively 

4. Our in-house editing team turns the filmed material into an advertisement that fits your brand and campaign needs 

5. If needed, Grumblo’s digital marketing team handles the distribution of the influencer video ad through your paid advertising channels 

Influencer marketing services are always available with our Digital Marketing services.

The best influencer for you might not know that they are an influencer in the first place. We will find them and recruit them regardless and if you need a World Champion Superstar, our network will reach them as well. 

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