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From 800€/Month
  • Ads Account Management: “Expert management of your advertising accounts on one platform, 1 target country (Meta or Google Ads).
  • Campaign Setup (base campaigns)
  • Regular KPI Analysis, Audit, & Tweaking
  • Dynamic Creative Testing (DCT)
  • Dedicated Account Manager”
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  • Starter Services
  • 3 Ads Productions/Quarter
  • Digital Marketing | 1 Target Market
  • Basic Strategy Support
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  • G-NA Services
  • Digital Marketing | 2 Target Markets
  • 2 Influencer Recruitments/6 Months
  • 1 AD/Influencer
  • Advanced Strategy Support
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  • G-NA + G-Turbo Services
  • 2 Ads Productions/Quarter
  • Digital Marketing | Unlimited Target Markets
  • 2 Influencer Recruitments/6 Months
  • 2 ADs/Influencer
  • Executive Strategy Support
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Customized Pricing
  • Tailored Services
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Patrik Wargh


Black Smoke Ltd

“Teaming up with Grumblo and outsourcing our entire post-production process has been a big help for us. The successful launch of the new Turbo Diesel Builds channel stands as a testament to their expertise in algorithms and video production, resulting in a seamless and efficient collaboration in our content creation process.”

Jalle Lindholm


JDM Outlet

“Grumblo has been an important partner for JDM Outlet, bringing deep expertise in both the automotive world and digital marketing. Their creative videos and strategic online ad management services have really helped us succeed in selling more JDM cars in Finland.”

Aleksi Etholén

BC Racing Finland

“Surpassing sales goals for BC Racing suspension kits became a reality through the collaboration of videos, influencers, and paid advertising services. Improved profit margins through our online store showcase Grumblo’s effective approach.”

Lauri Koski

Sales Manager,
Martelius Exhaust

“Not only have Grumblo’s video media and digital marketing services helped us expand our business internationally, but they have also resulted in 25% increase in our e-commerce sales.”

Mikko Ahola

Team Principal,
Audi R8 1:1 Time Attack Team

“Our online visibility, particularly our Youtube Views went up to the next level after working with Grumblo.”

Markus Martelius, CEO +358-40-5763456